Here are some facts about me:

  • I have been working with computers most of my life, and have been a developer of one type or another for most of that time.
  • I have an Interdisciplinary Masters Degree in Computers and Art from Virginia Commonwealth University.  For this degree, rather than a thesis, I completed a final project: a program written in LISP that draws an image of a person's personality.  The fourth version of this program is online at and .
  • I have been living in the San Rafael neighborhood of Five Points, in Denver, Colorado for over 20 years.
  • I am a big fan of Velcro and kitty cats, but in general do not care for wet condiments or coffee.

For more, see my personal website at .

One of the jobs I had required that all employees create their own LLC that they could pay us through.  At the time I was working with Joomla and Mootools (a JavaScript library similar to jQuery) so after some thought I decided to name my company Joomoo Websites.

Since that time I have worked mostly full-time jobs, but I have kept my business' registration current with the State of Colorado.

More recently I have been going to some meetups, and would like to formally let people know that I am available for small, short term projects, and can even take on larger, full time work when I am not working full time already.

A job search coach once asked me what I am interested in doing.

I responded that I am interested in doing most anything having to do with development. She responded that I should never say that, under any circumstances, and that I should wipe that response from my vocabulary!  (This is the same job search coach who at one point suggested I try doing other work.  She obviously doesn't "get it...."

At one point, around 2012 or so, it seemed that all recruiters had to ask whether I did front end or back end work.  Not wanting to limit my career options, I always tried to dodge this question, or at least try to respond with a mumbled "both."

When the term "full stack" became popular, I decided that is what I am, or at least what I currently want to be when I grow up.

After trying to get in on the Great JavaScript Library Explosion of 2014, and failing, at least for the most part, if asked today, I would say I am most interested in full stack, middle-ware, or back end development - in that order.

Yes, it turns out that being Interested in Everything is the Kiss of Death when it comes to talking to People Whose Livelihood depends on Pigeon Holing you before Conversation is Even Possible.  I find that to be Very Sad, but have No Fear, I am willing to Roll With It.

After attending some local Joomla! and WordPress meetups, and meeting a lot of people who use these tools by customizing them by downloading other people's extensions to the core project, I would like to get in on this sort of CMS customization work, particularly that which involves development.

After taking time off to work on these Device Detection projects, I am thinking this is pretty cool: customizing and tweaking these open source tools to better fit in with what people want.

If that involves Device Detection, that is cool, but I sincerely hope to find other types of work in this area as well, because psst, want to know a secret?  I am Interested in Everything, but don't tell the Recruiters, they have a need to Pigeonhole people, and I am not a pigeon!

P.S. "wrt" stands for With Respect To.  We used it all the time in that Logic Programming class I took in college....